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Project start

At the end of 2015 the EBE Project began its activities.

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UFSCar Partnership

In the 2016 the EBE Project started partnership for studies and development with Computing Department from Federal University of Sao Carlos - UFScar.

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UC Berkeley Support

In June 2017 EBE Project received support from Berkeley EECS with regards to permission to use of BSDS500 (The Berkeley Segmentation Dataset and Benchmark) to adaptive filters tests.

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In July 2017 the project received a scholarship worth $600.00 to participate in the Latin American Women in Technology Conference (Latinity 2017).

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Qualcomm Partnership

The EBE Project is honored to announce Qualcomm Latim America partnership on the use of DragonBoard 410c on its prototype development. This partnership represents an important advance in the quality of results for the project.

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