Project Goals

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The EBE Project aim

The EBE Project was born in 2015 after observing an ophthalmological department to public health. Where the possibility of the blindness become of reality change people’s life. Around of the world research shows data that blindness represents a large problem for the people with different causes of vision loss, as age-related macular degeneration(AMD), glaucoma, biological problems and other ones.

Thinking to help people to bring their vision through artificial vision we are have been working on the bionic eyes field.

The EBE Project challenge is propose the development of robotic device (Soft Robotics) to help people with blindness using the brain wave patterns to transmit images directly to the Visual Cortex (V1) bypassing the retina.

To achieve it, all development is based on state of the art in robotics and engineering concepts, of course considering the biological structure of the eye and brain wave patterns to code them. As well as, draws attention to the use of retinal-pattern processing, computing-vision concept to take images then send them to the brain and robotics device to process pattern from retinal potential action.